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Seneca Expands the xVault NVR Portfolio with the NVR150


Seneca’s xVault line of Network Video Recorders provide solutions for security and surveillance integrators for small, single site projects up to large multi-site that requires hundreds of cameras. We have identified a small gap within this product line that requires a smaller NVR with RAID capabilities, which led to the design and development of the xNVR150.

Benefits of DisplayPort in Digital Signage

DS port infographic

Why You Cannot Afford to Not Consider DisplayPort in Your Digital Signage Deployment

Digital Security and Surveillance Solution for Up to 32 Cameras

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Ready to Use, Integrated Video Surveillance Solution Optimized for Ocularis PS

If you are looking for a surveillance solution for a single site or perhaps multiple remote sites you will need a Network Video Recorder (NVR) optimized for up to 32 cameras. Seneca offers a NVR100 that can support a wide range of projects including IP, analog, and the integration of analog with IP cameras (hybrid solutions) designed for these solutions.

What You Need to be Successful with Best of Breed Solutions

sarah colson

When it comes to determining the best digital security and surveillance solution, there is a lot of confusion around best of breed solutions compared to commercial off the shelf / turnkey solutions. We have seen something similar in the past with IP and analog technology. Analog systems are built using a single supplier for all components in the system with little to no flexibility for options of specific usage needs.  However, IP based systems allow complete flexibility by selecting components from multiple suppliers and building a system off specific needs.  

PARCC Technology Laptop or iPad Tablet?

ASUS 1015E DS01 

How ready are you for the PARCC Technology guidelines?

We often stay busy thinking about the new technolgy that you are looking to invest in. In addition to notebooks you might have been considering iPads or Chromebooks. Did you know that the PARCC assessments "will require external keyboards for test takers using tablets so as not to limit or obscure the view."  On top of the keyboard requirement you will also need to provide headphones and a microphone, some may be able to use the integrated mic but that is likely to be cumbersome. Using a standalone mic on an iPad requires that you purchase an Apple iPad Camera kit to provide a USB port.

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Unconventional Digital Signage Applications Yield Success

Sarah Colson

Over the last year digital signage has really taken off and we are starting to see creative digital signage applications. Digital signage is now being used to help enhance experiences. A hospital in the UK used a digital signage display wall to help cheer up children and brighten their mood.

Digital Security and Surveillance for Government Facilities


There are significant differences between winning a bid from a commercial enterprise compared to a governmental entity. Both projects have the same types of physical structure requirements, infrastructure, and assets that they need to protect. The government bidding process however is a lot more secure. Government procedures must ensure that they follow specific guidelines with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).

Security Solutions for School Shootings

Sarah Colson

In light of the recent tragic school shooting there is a great deal and well deserved talk on how we can make schools safer for students and their staff. As security professionals we have a duty to do everything in our power to make sure that our children are as safe as possible while in school. In the future there may be increases to school security based on National policies however what can schools do now in order to ensure their students and staff are safe?

Data Storage Solutions Technology Powers the F-35 Lightning?

F 35 Lightning II

Desktop Computer Technology Powers America's Next Fighter Plane 

What commonplace desktop computing and data storage solutions technology is being used in the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fighter plane? You might first think about potential computer aided engineering (CAE) systems such as in the Nexlink 7900 series workstation, for advanced modeling techniques used in the design phase. As a powerful CAE design workstation the Nexlink 7900 is a great choice for complex engineering projects such as aerospace engineering, however a more basic inclusion of advanced hardware is being implemented in the F-35’s network infrastructure.

Virtual Desktop, the New Terminal Client Makes Administration Easy

nComputing L 300

Virtualization Perfect for Older XP PCs

Have you dabbled in virtualization? Maybe you have had customers ask you about a virtualized server for their office. Do you have clients with a large base of aging Windows XP based custom built PCs? Perhaps you have told these clients time and time again that they really need to upgrade their infrastructure. Given the uncertainty of today’s business climate they are not ready for an upgrade or do not have enough capital for a complete new roll out. What option can you recommend for them to get a current and functional business installation?

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