5 Year Warranty, the New Nexlink Desktop Custom Built PC Standard

Posted by Ed Stone on Tue, Nov, 24, 2015 @ 16:11 PM

Your PC Warranty does Matter

Have you ever struggled to explain to your customers why your brand of custom personal computers is a better choice than tier one offerings such as Dell or HP? You mention that your PCs have higher quality components than the lowest cost versions found in the competition. You have even called out that your PCs don’t come pre-loaded with bloatware or malware, which is the case with most off-the-shelf PCs. If you have customers sitting on the fence, now you have an arrow in your quiver ready to deliver the coup de grace with industry leading warranty offerings.

Nexlink Sets the Standard

Nexlink desktop series comes with a 5 year standard warranty which surpasses the major competitors by as much as 4 years. Competitors such as Dell and Lenovo offer a 3 year standard warranty, while HP and Acer offer a meager 1 year warranty. While we would all like to sell new computers every 2-3 years and keep our customers infrastructure refreshed, many corporate budgets just won’t support this short turnover in today’s economy.

“We are excited to offer an industry leading warranty option to our Nexlink desktop kits,” said Mark Porter, Enterprise Solutions Market Manager at Seneca. “Everyone’s budgets have been tightened, and being able to keep a desktop for an extra 2 years, while maintaining warranty coverage is a big plus. Having a solid warranty option takes the risk out of the desktop purchase and makes the overall investment more affordable.”

Now you can offer the same quality computers with a warranty that has you and your customer covered throughout the PC's entire lifecycle.


Ed Stone 

Ed Stone has worked at Seneca since 2003, during most of this time he was a member of the Channel Sales team. In 2011 he transitioned to the Marketing Department to grow cooperative marketing with Seneca’s vendors. With more than 20 years of experience in the Channel as a VAR and Distribution Salesperson, he has a varied technical background with robust product knowledge.

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