Interactive Digital Signage to Take Over Cities

Posted by Sarah Colson on Mon, May, 14, 2012 @ 16:05 PM

We have been talking a lot about different aspects of digital signage, about the benefits and features of digital signage displays to interactive digital media. Purina has taken interactive digital signage to a different level and transformed a New York City subway to a virtual dog park.

Purina has created an interactive branding campaign with a 64 foot interactive digital billboard, which is able to track and grab consumer's attention through their motion. As a commuter walks past this digital billboard, a dog will run up, follow them and bark to grab their attention. Pretty cool! I know if I was walking by a 64 foot digital billboard, followed by a barking dog, my interest would be captured!

Engaging Consumers

interactive digital signage

This is a perfect example of how companies are using digital signage technology to capture consumer attention.  Imagine the exciting ways we can add value to advertising to delight and engage people and provide them with a meaningful and memorable interaction with a brand.

In this case, Purina is using digital signage as a branding play, to have commuters associate goodness to their brand by engaging commuters in a game of fetch with a virtual pet. But it doesn't stop there.  They are also tying in other topics we have previously discussed, such as mobile digital signage. Specifically, in this case, you are also able to customize your dog via social media and share through networking sites such as Facebook.  The brand interaction is extended and so is the comsumer's attention and affiliation to the brand.

How else can we use this medium to do amazing things?  When you combine the power of signage software, social media, robust infrastructure (network, mobile devices, media players and servers) along with amazing content, the possibilities are truly endless!  What are your thoughts on this interactive digital signage campaign?   You can comment below! (picture source; Digital Signage Today).

High Performance Media Players

Companies are looking to engage consumers and build their brand. Digital signage is a great way to achieve these goals. In order to build a successful branding campaign with digital signage displays, you will need a media player capable of supporting high definition video along with analytics to track your success. Seneca has a wide variety of media players that are suitable for all sizes and deployments. Download Seneca's digital signage matrix below to view all of Seneca's media players side by side.


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