One Note Trapper Keeper Software for the 21st Century

Posted by Ed Stone on Mon, Aug, 13, 2012 @ 09:08 AM

Office Wizards Should Know this Program 

So you have been using and selling Microsoft Office for years but are you getting the most out of your purchase? You are a wiz in your daily appliciations such as Word and Excel, you depend on Outlook for your communication and daily calendar. What about the often overlooked application, that seems like it was just thrown into Office. An application if properly used can bring a great deal of value to your workflow?                                

OneNote TrapperKeeper                          from Tamerlane 

Get Organized with OneNote

OneNote is a software version of the iconic 80's back to school binder, the Trapper Keeper. Admit it you had one, probably not the cool Lamborghini version though. If you are not familiar with OneNote  take a look at the quick  video below to learn  the ways you can use it to increase your productivity and find things you probably would have lost if you are using an old fashioned notepad.



What is OneNote?

OneNote is a program that functions like a binder of folders in your computer which allows you to categorize all your projects and ideas into a single location. Putting all these thoughts, images, charts or anything you can cut and paste into OneNote enables you to take advantage of the following powerful features:

  • Organize different types  of data and files into one location

  • Categorize information in a usable and familiar way

  • Search  folders in OneNote rather than struggling to remember where you saved them

  • Share the information with your co-workers across the network or in the cloud on SkyDrive

Now you finally know how to get this key to do some work.
Windows Key                             

Now for a little fun, drop me a note and tell me a story about your TrapperKeeper. Please comment below!

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