Installing the Seneca HDS

Posted by Frank Farnsworth on Mon, Jun, 27, 2016 @ 09:06 AM

Installing the Seneca HDS Media Stick is simple! Follow these steps, presented by our own Development Engineer Frank Farnsworth, and you’ll be up and running in no time.

Getting started with the HDS is simple. In minutes you’ll have a high-end industrial media player ready to show off your digital signage for thousands upon thousands of hours, all with a footprint smaller than a cell phone!

Follow these easy steps to get your HDS up and running today!

Step 1: Plan the HDS mounting position

Determine the mount position on the back of the screen or wherever else makes the most sense for your digital signage solution. The device should be mounted in such a way where cords are hidden and protrusion of the unit itself is kept from view.


Step 2: Clip the HDS Unit into the engineered Cradle to allow mounting freedom anywhere when an HDMI Extender (male-female) cable is used

Installing the HDS into the cradle is a snap! Just insert the HDS unit into the cradle and apply pressure. It is properly seated when you hear it snap into place. Apply the included Velcro to the back of the cradle and you’re ready to attach the required cables.


Step 3: Attach the ethernet cable (if you are NOT using the included WiFi capabilities), power cord, HDMI extender and device lock

The HDS includes a couple of optional configurations such as wired-ethernet when WiFi will not be used, as well as the ability to accept a standard computer lock such as a Kensington key-lock. Attach these cables in addition to the HDMI extender and required power cable, and you’re ready to position the HDS on the back of your screen or other mounting location.


Step 4: Apply the Velcro strip to the back of the unit and the mounting location (if you haven’t already) and simply apply pressure!

Use the included industrial Velcro strip with adhesive backing to mount the unit (securely fastened in its cradle) wherever is convenient, necessary and visually hidden or aesthetically pleasing. Hide cables from view using cable ties or other cable management solution and you have a neatly-installed industrial video player ready for use. Power on the HDSand begin setup!


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Posted by Frank Farnsworth

Frank is the Lead Development Engineer in Seneca’s Visual Media market. He is responsible for designing custom solutions and validating platforms for customers looking to deploy products in Digital Signage and Digital Broadcast.

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