Reaching for the Stars!

Posted by Robert Dracker on Tue, Jun, 28, 2016 @ 11:06 AM

Seneca is REALLY reaching for stars! Not only did we win BEST IN SHOW for 2016 with the VWC-PLUS, but we named a real actual star after it!!!


Previously given the very sciency and not-so-fun name of HD9408, that shiny gem in the sky is now named after the TWO-TIME BEST OF SHOW WINNING Seneca VWC-PLUS!

You can find this behemoth at your favorite professional visual media outlet or online store, or in the sky at (RA: 1hr35min12.99s)(DEC:59°19’46.7”). If you don’t believe us, check us out at the star registry with registration number: 149088-1697-646226. We’re right here:


      A BIG THANK YOU to our Visual Media Team, and especially to Jami McGraw, our fearless concrete-pouring master of product and presentation! Way to go JAMI!!!

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