Unseen Technology - Part 1

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Technology to Keep You Protected and Synced

When integrating a visual media solution, there are many do’s and don’ts which set the parameters for a successful signage or video wall installation. From the basics—screen alignment and proper visibility—to the more complex such as resolution and content, it can often be a daunting endeavor to manage all the necessary criteria needed to do a sound rollout of your solution. 

In light of this, we are covering off on two of the most important items to consider whilst planning your display(s) in a two-part blog series; GPU Sync and HDCP. Overlooking digital content protection and video syncing could lead to a disastrous outcome, and while these technologies are unseen in the system, arguably, there is nothing more important. The Seneca VWC-PLUS features HDCP compliance and custom parallel sync technology, which are designed to give you the peace-of-mind needed when making your hardware selection for a visual media based installation. We will discuss how they work and why they are so crucial to a proper integration.


Commonly referred to as HDCP (High-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection) or DCP for short, this term refers to a copy protection scheme used to eliminate the possibility of intercepting digital data midstream between the source and display. This prevents the pirating of copy protected material like movies, television and sports events. The design of this type of content is to have a single source (DVD, set-top box) that plays out to a single destination (TV/monitor). The encrypted content carries HDCP “keys” that will cripple the visibility of the content should an intermediary device be placed anywhere in that chain between source and destination. If a device were to be placed in said chain for capture or pass-through purposes, that device would need to carry HDCP ‘keys’ to pass along with the content so all devices essentially shake hands with the understanding that each stop along the way is compliant.

In the realm of visual media, a typical scenario where this would be applicable, and subsequently require specific hardware is TV pass-through. For example, at the source resides a basic cable box outputting an HDMI signal. This signal is then streamed through a capture card and passed through to a multi-screen output signal to display on a video wall. We’ve all seen a football game on a large video wall at some point, and chances are there exists the aforementioned form of HDCP pass-through on that setup. Seneca has worked with hardware partners to provide a certified platform that allows you to work with multiple HDCP inputs and outputs to ensure uninterrupted, compliant playback of your content. The Seneca VWC-PLUS can accommodate up to 11 individual channels of HDCP compliance which can be divided between inputs and outputs. This would include any HDCP based content being captured and then output to either a single video wall or multiple independent displays. As discussed previously in our Video Wall vs. Media Player blog the added benefit of the VWC-PLUS is that it can function as a media player as well as a video wall controller, adding the convenience of an accessible hardware vehicle that can be easily maintained and/or expanded. Less moving parts combined with redundant power and drives means less risk for failure, guaranteeing your mission critical installation to perform with little to no down time.


Not only has the VWC-PLUS been awarded the Infocomm 2015 Best-in-Show award, it continues to change the paradigm of digital signage, proving to be the next-generation digital signage player on top of being an industry leading Video Wall Controller. Meticulous design with attention to details like sync technologies and HDCP compliance continue to prove the Seneca VWC-PLUS is truly a step ahead of the rest.

  • 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7-5960X Processor Extreme Edition
  • 11 Channels of HDCP compliant pass-through
  • Custom Parallel Sync Technology
  • Up to 128GB of DDR4 memory
  • Up to 28 independent inputs and outputs
  • True 4K Outputs
  • Turnkey CMS installations

Contact Seneca today at 800.227.3432 to learn about the VWC-PLUS.

Please be sure to tune in for part two blog article for more AV insider tips, tricks, and spotlights.

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